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Mesothelioma is a rare kind of cancer caused by exposure to asbestos; it most commonly affects lungs, followed by organs of the abdominal cavity. There are several kinds of mesothelioma (depending on the type of mutation). Most cases are challenging to treat, life after diagnosis is short, and the treatment process is painful.

Mesothelioma Claim Amounts

Fortunately, the government realizes the damage that has been caused to the health of individuals and their families, and it has set aside a huge amount of funds to help those affected by mesothelioma. However, the process of getting compensation is not easy due to the highly specific nature of the disease. Just any lawyer would not do, as most lawyers are not aware of the legal intricacies involved in the process of getting compensation.

Mesothelioma Cases

To get maximum compensation in the shortest possible time, and with minimum effort, it is better to find an attorney specializing in mesothelioma compensation, and preferably one that is located in your state to handle the case efficiently. Moreover, every state has different asbestos exposure factors, something only a local lawyer may be well aware of.

Mesothelioma Lawyer Massachusetts

Massachusetts is one of the earliest Europeans settlements, meaning that industrial revolution happened there quite early as compared to the other regions of the US. Unfortunately, it also means that a large number of people were exposed to concrete there.

It is estimated that in Massachusetts as many as 1,355 deaths have occurred due to asbestos exposure since the year 1990, and most of these deaths have been either due to mesothelioma or amianthus (non-cancerous disease of lungs).

Specific industries have traditionally used more asbestos, like construction and shipbuilding. In ships asbestos has been used to make a number of parts, it has also been used for insulation, in the form of epoxies and gaskets. Boston shipyard has been the primary source of asbestos exposure, and it operated between 1801 to 1974. However, a clear link between the concrete exposure and risk of various cancers became the subject of discussions after the closure of the yard, by that time many had already been exposed to it.

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Mesothelioma Lawyer New Jersey

New Jersey is one of the highly industrialized states, playing a vital role in the industrial success of the US, thus it is no surprise that it has a long history of asbestos use in various heavy industries. Most of the industrial use in the New Jersey area started in the 1940s and continued well into 1970s before the danger was realized and most of the sectors have stopped using it.

Thus no surprise, that New Jersey has one of the highest mesothelioma rates in the US, and is among the national leaders when it comes to the asbestos exposure related deaths. It is estimated that there has been around 1,700-1,800 deaths due to amianthus exposure since the 1990s.

Some of the industries with a history of asbestos use are various chemical units like that of DuPont, Toms River Chemical Corporation, Tenneco Chemical Company, Heyden Chemical Corporation, and Mutual Chemical Company of America. Plastic industries like Boontonware and Bakelite used concrete intensively. Shipbuilding, refineries, power plants, and construction are other sources of exposure.

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Mesothelioma Lawyer Louisiana

Located in the Gulf of Mexico, it always had lots of oil refineries, shipyards, pipelines. The oil industry and offshore oil drilling units have a long association with amianthus. The fire-resistant is a fire-resistant material that can tolerate extremely high temperatures. Thus its extensive used in these industries made all the sense. Having a ports and oil means lots of activities in shipbuilding, maintenance. Louisiana has many shipyards.

Another industry which has been associated with a high risk of asbestos exposure is cement plants. Power plants also use lots of components that are made of asbestos due to its insulating properties.

One can find more information about legal help in Louisiana here.

Mesothelioma Lawyer Virginia

Virginia has one of the highest death rates in the United States, with 15 deaths per million occurring each year. Exposure to fire-resistant materials may also occur due to the high content of its particles in the air, especially in areas where it occurs abundantly in nature. Asbestos deposits are found in 24 of the 95 counties in Virginia. Mining is one of the primary reasons for concrete exposure in the Virginia region. However, it must be understood that asbestos exposure may happen not only during asbestos-related mining but in other kinds of mining activities too, like talc mining or coal mining.

Where there is mining, there are chemical plants and power plants, and Virginia regions have plenty of them. Commercial shipbuilding has another source of exposure in Virginia region. Virginia is also known for its Naval complex.

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Mesothelioma Lawyer Florida

Because of a construction boom due to population rise and shipbuilding activities, amianthus exposure continued in Florida well up to the 1980s. Florida had many amianthus processing plants that operated till the early 1980s. Construction, amianthus processing plants, and shipyards have been the primary source of asbestos exposure in Florida. However, amianthus may have occurred in various other industries like tens of chemical plants, different military bases, paper mills, refineries, textile industry, and power plants. Due to the huge number of asbestos-related lawsuits being filed in Florida, it has state legislature regarding the fair compensation – Asbestos and Silica Compensation Fairness Act (ASCFA).

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Mesothelioma Lawyer New York

New York is one of the most significant metropolitan area-wide arrays of businesses and industries. It has many naval bases too.  It is among the most active states when it comes to amianthus-related lawsuits. In fact, New York has established a special court for asbestos-related ligations, New York City Amianthus Litigation (NYCAL) court.

Apart from the industrial exposure, many in New York has been exposed to asbestos due to the 9/11 terrorist attacks, as 400 tons of asbestos was used in the construction of the World Trade Towers.

If you think that you have been exposed to asbestos in the New York region, you can consult a local lawyer.

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